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Just Released! 

New book about Quitting Antidepressants

15 Tips for Quitting Antidepressants

by Wendy Murray

Practical and compassionate advice for successfully navigating the long road of discontinuation to reclaim health and chemical freedom. The author recounts the steps she herself navigated to successfully taper after having been on antidepressants for over 10 years. She honestly confronts the challenges and lends hopeful accessible steps for staying the course during the journey to be free of these medications.


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“In this personal and beautifully written account, Wendy prepares you for the journey by telling you what to expect and provides essential tips to obtain an antidepressant-free life.“

—Todd McKerchar, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology, Jacksonville State University



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EQP Title was nominated for The Pushcart Prize, the Best of the Small Presses, 2013.

Selections from Bruce Guernsey’s From Rain, Poems: 1970 – 2010 have been nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Prize. 





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