Wendy Murray’s debut novel, The Warrior King, has been re-released this year as a special Maya 2012 edition that includes a one-on-one interview with a Maya expert at Harvard. The interview, added at the end of the book, probes the meaning of the mysterious hieroglyph in the Maya records that many have interpreted to suggest the end of the world in 2012.

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Murray’s novel tells the story of Lucy Shaw, a well-known international journalist living in Honduras. She is assigned to travel to the Maya ruins in Copan, Honduras to report on a discovery the archaeologists believe to be the tomb of the ancient Maya dynasty’s founding king. As the story progresses, Lucy is forced to work closely with her former lover, lead archaeologist, James Fee, while the strain of their painful and tumultuous past bears heavily on them. A mysterious murder adds to the tension between Lucy and James Fee and compels them to confront forces and circumstances they cannot control or explain.

Publisher’s Weekly: The archaeology framework for the story is factual, thorough, and fascinating . . . . Murray also writes well, developing memorable characters. Murray’s fiction debut is thought-provoking.


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